Thursday, March 12, 2009

Who Watches the Philosophers? Philosophy for Free: Video Edition

If I'm going to post about sf you can find for free on the web, it only seems fair occasionally to direct you to some exciting philosophy you can check out, too.

Shelly Kagan is a professor of philosophy at Yale and his entire class on Death can be found at Academic Earth. This is great stuff, and often connects to the kind of philosophical issues we encounter in good sf. It's really worth your time.

TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) is an annual conference that brings in cutting edge speakers (not just philosophers!) on lots of fascinating topics. Hundreds of videos are housed on their site, including Scott McCloud on comics, Aimee Mullins talking about her 12 pair of prosthetic legs, philosopher and transhumanist Nick Bostrom on humanity's problems, Daniel Dennett on consciousness, Ray Kurzweil on how technology will transform us, and much, much more.

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