Monday, February 2, 2009

sf for free! video edition

Every so often I'll point you to a few things you can get for free on the web. For today, think about watching a couple of classic 80s sf movies: Robocop and John Carpenter's The Thing. The first is one of the earlier cyborg pics and the latter is an excellent sf/horror flick.

If you haven't already watched the sadly short and solitary season of Firefly, please do so as soon as possible. For a bit more Joss, check out Dr. Horrible! Or the first couple of seasons of Buffy.

Finally, I'll confess a fondness for the Highlander series. There can be only one.

All this good stuff (and much, much more) courtesy of Hulu. Beware of too much Hulu, however.

UPDATE: You can see The Fifth Element, too--on Joost.

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